Simple Matcha Latte Recipe

Tired of coffee making you still tired? I was too until I stumbled upon Matcha Latte –people who require caffeine rejoice! You may have come across it in the chain coffee shops or seen it plastered all over Instagram. Perhaps you have been put off because it looked like a cup of something Shrek just sneezed up. It does not taste as bad as most would be lead to believe! Especially mixed with milk and added sweeteners – it can actually be quite delicious!

After having a few of these lattes at my favourite coffee shop I knew this new addiction was going to get expensive real quick. So I trailed every TK Maxx within the vicinity looking for packets of Match powder (also an excuse to shop). I finally found some and decided to try my own version of a matcha latte.

Green Tea Match Boost

I’ve found that matcha gives me a real focused energy burst (as opposed to coffee which gives me a more erratic energy surge). Perfect for when I’ve got to do some sit down focused work. Plus I know it’s far more beneficial for my skin compared to coffee. So what is this weird green stuff? Well matcha is green tea leaves that have been ground to a fine powder. Which has been shown to mean it has a higher antioxidant content than green tea itself and a close caffeine content to your regular cup of Joe.

I have not yet invested in a bamboo whisk (which most recipes will call for) but I did use my electric whisk frother (a small metal whisk will work too). Depending on the milk you use it’s up to you if you want to add any form of sweetener as some people can find the flavour to be quite bitter.

Pip & Nut Almond Drink


1 ½ tsp of Matcha powder

1 tbsp of hot water

Mug of chosen milk (I used honey and vanilla almond milk)

Honey or Agave syrup for sweetness – as desired




  1. Add the matcha powder and water in your favourite motivational mug and whisk until the powder is dissolved.
  2. Next add honey or syrup if using.
  3. Heat up milk either in microwave, on the hob, milk steamer etc
  4. Gradually add the warm milk to your matcha mix, stirring all the time – whisk to make sure all is mixed well.
  5. Now go get sh*t done.